Digital Technologies are weaved and embraced across the curriculum as a fundamental component of teaching and learning at Yinnar Primary School. Access to technology in conjunction with professional learning provides teachers with the relevant skills to equip students to be innovative and proficient users of technology in an ever-changing digital world.


Our students have access to devices such as iPads, netbook computers and other technological devices such as robots and coding programs. These devices are used to enhance and support student learning experiences and are used through specialist Technology classes or integrated into everyday learning. Teachers have access to a multitude of different educational programs to support student growth. Some of these programs include Nessy, Epic Reading, Essential Assessment, IXL and Seesaw. Our staff here at Yinnar Primary School also make use of Compass and emails for parent communications and Microsoft Teams to communicate as a staff schoolwide.


Throughout the whole school, students use Seesaw which is an online platform designed to support student independence and is a yearly record of student growth. Students have their own journal on Seesaw which is a safe place for them to store and share their learning with their teachers and family. It’s a great way to show student growth from the beginning to the end of the year and is used both in day-to-day classroom instruction and their Technology specialist.



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