At Yinnar Primary School, we value the use of technology and the important role it plays in society. All of our students have access to i-pads and netbook computers. All classrooms are also fitted with either an interactive board or large TV screen. 


We have invested a lot of time and money into upgrading our technology over the past year by purchasing ipads, netbooks, new headphones, a number of different Robots and updating hard ware around the school. This has assisted our teachers and students make better use of the technology available and begin to integrate ICT with different areas of the curriculum. Our learners are taught how to responsibly use all types of techonology available to them. 


Our students use different programs such as microsoft word, powerpoint. They also utilise a number of websites/apps such as Nessy, Epic, Reading Eggs, Mathletics, IXL and Seesaw. Staff make use of Compass and email to communicate with each other and our parents. 


Throughout the whole school, students have been utilising Seesaw to upload, complete and record their learning. This has enabled them to gain greater confidence with the platform. They have also been able to increase their independence and student agency, and develop self-regulation. Seesaw and Webex were both utilised during remote learning throughout Covid-19. Webex was effective in running parent, student and teacher conversations. Teachers were also able to have whole class conversations via it. 


Moving into 2021, we will be have a strong emphasis on building a strong partnership with parents using both Compass and Seesaw. Students enjoy exploring and navigating the Bee-bots through different obstacle courses. They will be learning how to 'code' using the new dash and dot robots. This gives them an opportunity to predict, design, create and solve problems using different thinking skills. These areas are an essential part of the Digital technologies curriculum.




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