Specialist Classes

Performing Arts 


Performing Arts at Yinnar Primary School incorporates Music, Dance and Drama. Children are encouraged to try something they may not normally do by engaging in educational and fun activities. Children learn about different styles of music and dance, including those from other cultures whilst also allowing for them to be creative and make their own. They explore numerous ways to create and tell stories through puppets, small plays, dress ups and much more.


The school holds a production bi-annually where all children are able to join in and perform on a big stage, whether in their class or for the older grade 5 and 6 children by having the chance to audition and be cast as main characters. Performing Arts is an important part of our school curriculum focus. It helps let children push past their comfort zone and build resilience.





Visual Art 


In Visual Art, learning is organised around the Elements of Art- Line, colour, value, space, texture, shape and form. Each of these will be the focus of our learning for a term over a 2 year period. We also look at the history of art and famous artists. Students each have a sketchbook and regularly practice drawing. We practice a range of skills for making 2D and 3D art.





In PE, we aim to develop physical fitness, coordination, ball skills and positive behaviours. PE lessons usually consist of warm up games and exercises, skill practice and game playing. We are fortunate to have an extensive outdoor area as well as an indoor stadium to make use of during PE classes and during recess breaks. Senior students have multiple opportunities to participate in the full range of inter-school sport provided by School Sport Victoria.'







This year at Yinnar Primary School, we are aiming towards a schoolwide improvement when operating and learning with Technology. Our specialist technology teachers work closely with technology coordinator to plan and implement successful technology lessons every Monday and Wednesday.Our yearly focus across the junior year levels is to introduce and navigate basic forms of hardware and software, and how to use them safely. In the senior classrooms, we are exploring digital systems, safety and security. By using our fabulous school resources, students are able to explore laptops, iPads and many different programs to support their learning in both literacy and numeracy. Our students also love the opportunity to play with school robots and other exciting and interactive technology. Both staff members and students are very excited for our technology program this year.

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