Student Leadership

School Captains


Mission Statement:  

We aim to be responsible, try our best in everything that we do and help others by encouraging them. We will share our ideas and responsibilities around the school by including everyone. We will make our school happier and a better place to be a part of by having fun days and raising awareness of community issues. We promise that we will listen to other ideas and give them the year that they have wished for all along.




GRACE team:  


Mission Statement:
We have a GRACE Team to:

  • Influence the core values around the school
  • Educate students about GRACE
  • Role model GRACE anytime, anywhere
  • Teach students and others how to use GRACE.



Junior School Council (JSC) :


Mission Statement
The Junior School Council aims to make Yinnar Primary School the best place it can. We will be the voice of our peers. We will model the GRACE values in all that we do and encourage others to do the same.




House Captains


Red mission statement:  

Our goal is to encourage people when they need it the most.



Yellow mission statement: 

We aim to help you become good at sports, show sportsmanship, GRACE and give everything a go and give each other help. 



Green Mission Statement:  

We want green house to hold our head high and try better every time. We want to be able to turn you into athletes and also be switched.




Blue mission statement:   

We aim to be the best that we can and involve everyone to have lots of fun. 




Student Leadership Handbook

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