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Yinnar is located in the picturesque Morwell River Valley in Gippsland, with views of the Strzelecki Ranges to the west and the Jeeralang Hills to the east.  Situated twenty kilometres south west of Morwell and 160 kilometres east of Melbourne, the township provides a rural residential area for those employed in the Latrobe Valley's industrial, educational and service sectors.  It is the centre of an active mixed farming industry.


Yinnar Primary School has a current enrolment of 230 students with the student population residing mainly in Yinnar and surrounding areas.  The school has a current built capacity for 250 students.


At Yinnar Primary School we are all learners. We guide our younger learners to stretch their minds while growing to develop into resilient, reflective and resourceful life-long learners who can learn in both independent and collaborative environments.  We value and foster growth mindsets in all students.

We strive to maintain an outstanding learning environment for our learners. We uphold high expectations of each other and our learning coaches (teachers). We work collaboratively to ensure our coaches are using effective teaching strategies that nurture our students’ growth. We strongly believe by using a well-planned differentiated program, combined with essential point of need feedback, our learners are engaged and focused on finding their accurate levels of practice and challenge while always being at the centre of their learning. 


We admire and promote the qualities of self-worth and confidence that leadership brings. We believe school leadership needs to be spread across the school, in every classroom, in every adult and every child.  To establish leadership qualities in our learners we provide opportunities for everybody to lead and model strong leadership that cultivates a high performance culture within our school.


At YPS, we are adamant we must have differentiation and learning must have a purpose. We use differentiation to ensure that the right level of challenge is presented to all students, at all levels. We make learning active and relevant to our students by incorporating interests, gender based and thematic learning methods. We explore non-traditional teaching methods and make learning practical, real life and hands on for our students.  We broaden the focus of students’ interests by providing opportunities for them to represent our school in all curriculum areas.


For our learners to continue to grow, we constantly seek new ways to refine and make meaningful differences in our school whilst being mindful of the trap of change for changes sake. Our core values encourage our students to be enthused and curious about their learning and to respect themselves as well as each other as we move forward together with a growth mindset empowering us to see endless possibilities and reach our highest potential.



30 Main Street Yinnar VIC 3869

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