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Yinnar Primary School, situated at the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges in Gippsland, is indeed fortunate to have a community that is supportive, knowledgeable and one that values education greatly. The small rural community of Yinnar is experiencing growth, evidenced by the recent transformation of farming land into residential housing in three distinct stages. Our school currently has an enrolment of 239 students.


At Yinnar Primary School we are all learners. We guide our younger learners to stretch their minds supporting them as they develop into resilient, reflective, and resourceful life-long learners who have the capacity to learn alone or with other people.

Our school promotes a set of values which empowers students to make positive contributions to the school and the wider communities.  Our students live and learn by our values: Growth Mindset, Respect, Aim High, Curiosity and Enthusiasm (GRACE). Our core values encourage our students to be enthusiastic and curious about their learning and to respect themselves as well as each other. We want our students to leave our school as learners not just achievers. Student voice is important to our school. It empowers students be engaged and participate in learning.


Our school promotes the consistent use of Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) in every classroom. Explicit instruction is characterised by carefully planned and sequenced lessons, clear and detailed instructions and modelling, and frequent and systematic monitoring of student progress and feedback to students.


Our school structure consists of 10 classes which are predominately composite grades. The structure is organised into two sub school teams incorporating classes in the Years 3-6 and Prep-2 areas of the school with each teacher working closely with a buddy grade.


Fostering a strong partnership between the family and the school through clear and continuous communication is a key element in students’ success at Yinnar Primary School. All parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education and in school events.


Our current Strategic Plan Goals are:

  • Improve student learning growth in Literacy, Numeracy and Technology
  • Improve student wellbeing outcomes

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