School Community

Yinnar Primary School values the input of parents and friends and encourages them to play an active part in our school community through any of the following:


Involvement In Classrooms
Parents provide an extra pair of hands for special days, assist with long term programs in classes, share particular skills, on excursions, camps and sports days and in many other ways.


We hope parents will feel free to visit the school at any time, both to discuss their child’s progress and to become involved in school activities.


Find out more about School Community and Parent Involvement in the Parent Information Guide





School Council
The School Council is the official parent body of the school. It is comprised of parents, staff and community members. The parent representatives are elected for two year periods, with half facing re-election annually.


Meetings are held monthly at the school. All interested people are invited to attend these meetings to raise matters to School Council, and to become involved in the process of running the school.


Find out more about School Council in the Parent Information Guide




School Council Sub-Committees
Have the task of advising on Finance, Buildings and Grounds and Curriculum issues.





School Resources
The school regards its grounds and buildings as a community resource for community use. The school encourages the use of its buildings for meetings and after school activity groups. (Parental supervision will be required).


Arrangements to do so may be made at the office. A small fee is charged. The Yinnar Stadium is managed by the School and bookings can be made at the office.

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