Vision & Values

At Yinnar Primary School we are all learners. 


Our vision is to empower students to be resilient, reflective and resourceful life-long learners who can learn independently and collaboratively. 


Our mission is to create and maintain a learning culture which strives for excellence in teaching, which builds the learning power of all students. 




At Yinnar Primary School we believe that learning should be a life-long enterprise. 

We aim to develop our students ‘Learning Power’, not just so they can complete school learning more easily and effectively, but so they will leave school with a set of skills and attitudes which will serve them through the journey of life.

We have a strong emphasis on developing our core values of Growth Mindset, Respect, Aim High, Curiosity and Enthusiasm (GRACE). Our core values encourage our students to be enthusiastic and curious about their learning and to respect themselves as well as each other. We want our children to leave our school as learners not just achievers.





What is Building Learning Power about?

BLP is about learning how to be a better learner.  It is about the individual learner, their personal ‘disposition’ towards learning. The BLP ‘capacities’ are a set of ‘learning muscles’ that need to be exercised so that they grow strong. This is something that can be learnt, practiced and improved.

  • It is a learning culture that encourages children and teachers to become better learners
  • It allows children to approach difficulties in learning without fear of failure
  • It is not additional to teaching but should be grounded within everyday teaching and learning
  • It gives clear labels for the children to use to develop understanding of learning processes


Why are we Building Learning Power?

BLP allows us to develop a common language for learning across the school. This helps everyone talk about understanding learning to learn. We hope that this understanding will go beyond the school gates, where you will be able to reinforce the ideas by encouraging the children to use their learning language in every day lives.



Building the Power of Learners 




BLP is about creating a culture in classrooms - and in the school more widely– that systematically cultivates skills and attitudes that enable young people to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively.


Resilience - this is being ready, willing and able to lock onto learning - knowing how to work through difficulties when the pressure mounts and the going gets tough. It is made up of: Absorption, Managing Distractions, Noticing and Perseverance.


Resourcefulness - this is being ready, willing and able to learn in different ways - using both internal and external resources effectively, calling on different ways of learning as appropriate. It is made up of: Questioning, Making Links, Imagining, Reasoning and Capitalising.


Reflectiveness - this is being ready, willing and able to become more strategic about learning - taking a longer-term view by planning, taking stock and drawing out your experiences as a learner and getting the best out of yourself. It is made up of: Planning, Revising, Distilling and Meta-Learning. 


Reciprocity - this is being ready, willing and able to learn alone or with other people - using sense of independent judgment together with skills in communication and empathy. It is made up of: Interdependence, Imitation, Collaboration, Empathy and Listening. 


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