Principal's Report

It’s the final newsletter of the year and our Christmas holiday season has crept up on us very quickly. I wish all our families a very Merry Christmas and a 2021 that is COVID safe and a bit more predictable. This year has tested our patience, resilience, and above all our ability to be adaptable and flexible. Thank you for the incredible job you have all done supporting your children through remote and flexible learning, and equally important, the difficulties of transitioning between offsite and onsite learning. Like us, I am sure you are far more adept with online programs and video calls are now far easier than you ever imagined. This year has truly been a home- school learning partnership. Together we are ensuring each and every student here at Yinnar has the best educational opportunities possible.

I wish to say a special thank you to the children for their fabulous efforts this year. We have wonderful learners at our school. I was most impressed with their efforts and learning growth in their reports. I look forward to watching them continue to grow as learners next year. On Friday you will be able to access your child’s report on COMPASS. Open the PROFILE section for your child, then there will be a tab across the top labelled REPORTS. The Semester 2 2020 report will be there for you to view or download. Additional families are also able to access the report on COMPASS. Your child will bring home a hard copy of their report on Friday. This will be the last time we send home a
hard copy as the COMPASS reports are designed to be accessible online and it is very labour intensive to download each individual report. Our aim with COMPASS is to streamline processes and make it more efficient both from a school perspective as well as for parents.

I’d like to thank our superb teachers for getting through a crazy year! Our teachers are an incredibly professional, hardworking and caring team. This tumultuous year has stretched them and I know that these summer holidays will most likely being spent catching up on sleep and recharging their batteries. They have been ably supported by our Education Support staff, each of whom have made a significant contribution to our
school and the children.

Tamina Taylor 

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