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Picking up children during school Hours

It is sometimes necessary to take children to appointments during school hours. If you know in advance please send a note and when you pick up your child please sign them out at the Office.


To ensure we know all adults on the premises, you are requested to sign in at the office if you are visiting other than at pick up and drop off times.

Absence Notes

If your child is absent from school, or has reason to leave during instruction hours, a note should be provided. While a telephone call to explain might be a courtesy, it does not replace a note as the Department of Education requires that a written explanation be filed at school.

Emergency Information

These forms will be sent out at the beginning of each year. It is vital to your child’s safety that all the relevant information contained in them is accurately completed and updated as necessary.

Disaster Information

For local/school disasters, e.g. fire, children are evacuated to the school oval or as directed.

For major disasters they will be evacuated as directed by the Fire Brigade or Police. In the case of a disaster, with the school needing to be evacuated or because of an inability to contact the school via phone, please contact the Department of Education Regional Office on 03 5127 0400.