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Welcome to Yinnar Primary Website


Welcome to the Yinnar Primary School home page! We hope you enjoy having a browse and finding out a little more about us.

The school had a full diagnostic review in 2011 and, in the words of our reviewer, 'Yinnar Primary School is one of the most lively and energetic school communities that the reviewer has encountered'.  However, we see ourselves as being more than this. We believe that we are a school whose greatest desire is to develop resilient, resourceful and reflective learners who have the capacity to learn alone or with other people.

To achieve this goal, we immerse the children in the work of Mr Guy Claxton, an outstanding English educationalist and Professor of the University of Bristol. We work very closely with Mr. James Nottingham, an English educational consultant of tremendous knowledge and capacity.  James is a true friend of Yinnar Primary School who continues to visit us on a yearly basis. Along with these fine gentlemen we Incorporate the work of 'Mindsets', by Professor Carol Dweck  from Stamford University in California.

Our enrolment has remained at between 130 and 150 students for the past decade. Our school, nestled at the foot of the Strzelecki ranges in Gippsland, is indeed fortunate to have working with it a community that is supportive, knowledgeable and one that values education greatly. So welcome to the Yinnar Primary School site and please feel free to contact us.

George Telford



Our Values

At Yinnar Primary School we believe in the following core values:

A safe environment that forms the basis for continued learning and teamwork, whilst encouraging individuality
A well-balanced curriculum that delivers the best educational and social outcomes for all our children
Dedicated teachers, strongly supported by parents and the wider school community
Maintaining modern facilities with up-to-date technology
The willingness of people to challenge the status quo and accept new ideas
The development of appropriate student social behaviour
Open and honest communication between teachers, students and parents
The recognition of a need for a healthy balance between the demands of the school and home environment


School Community

Yinnar Primary School values the input f parents and friends and encourages them to play an active part in our school community through any of the following:

School Council Sub-Committees

Have the task of advising on Finance, Buildings and Grounds and Curriculum issues.

Fete News

Our Fete this year will be held on Saturday 8th November.  More information to follow.

Involvement In Classrooms

Parents provide an extra of hands for special days, assist with long term programs in classes, share particular skills, on excursions, camps and sports days and in many other ways.

We hope parents will feel free to visit the school at any time, both to discuss their child’s progress and to become involved in school activities.

Find out more about School Community and Parent Involvement in the Parent Handbook

School Council

The School Council is the official parent body of the school. It is comprised of parents, staff and community members. The parent representatives are elected for two year periods, with half facing re-election annually.

Meetings are held monthly at the school. All interested people are invited to attend these meetings to raise matters to School Council, and to become involved in the process of running the school.

Click here to view the latest School Council Minutes.

Find out more about School Council in the Parent Handbook

School Resources

The school regards its grounds and buildings as a community resource for community use. The school encourages the use of its buildings for meetings and after school activity groups. (Parental supervision will be required).

Arrangements to do so may be made at the office. A small fee is charged. The Yinnar Stadium is managed by the School and bookings can be made at the office.



Daily School Hours

School Commences 8.45am
Morning Recess 10.45 - 11.15am
Eat Lunch Inside 1.15 - 1.25
Lunch Recess 1.25 - 2.15pm
School dismissed 3.15pm


Term Dates 2016

Term 1 28th January - 24th March 
Term 2 11th April - 24th June
Term 3 11th July - 16th September
Term 4 3rd October - 20th December